Our dishes

i-nostri-piattiThe art of hospitality starts from the seductions of the palate. With this philosophy , the restaurant Fuoro strives to welcome its guests, immersing them in grastonomica unique experience, where creativity is synonymous with tradition.

Fuoro restaurant you can taste the original flavors of the local food culture, also guaranteed by the careful selection of raw materials, creating tasty and colorful that meet the eye and the palate. Special preference is given to the catch, not surprisingly, the queen of the menu is the Pezzogna artichokes and potatoes, but should not be underestimated the other proposals.

From appetizers to second , passing through the first , it makes a real journey through the flavors and scents of Sorrento, then crowned by the arrival of the dessert, even better if it is a “Delizia Limone”, the result of fancy baking fun of housewife.

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