Information and consent to the processing of personal data under the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003.

The personal data requested are essential for informational and sales of tourist services by Fuoro Restaurant – Via Fuoro, 23-80067 – Sorrento (NA) – Italy. Personal data provided will be used anonymously for statistical purposes. The provision of personal data is necessary to enable Restaurant Fuoro conducting the activities specified above. In the event that such consent was not supplied, it will not be possible for Restaurant Fuoro provide the services described above. Consent to the processing of personal data required by the availability request form / booking, Restaurant Fuoro authorizes the processing of customer data for: 1. Any other initiative and service that requires the processing of personal data for purposes other but closely linked to the reservation.
The customer expressly declares that the data contained in this form is true and belongs to the person who is making this reservation.
The customer accepts the processing of sensitive data and the storage (in the database of restaurant Fuoro) in compliance with the principles laid down in the Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196, as amended. The personal data provided and acquired will be processed, manually and / or by computer according to criteria of legality, correctness and the full protection of the rights of the customer and its confidentiality. In compliance with local regulations Restaurant Fuoro record the personal details of the customer in its records. These data will be used by Ristorante Fuoro purposes only information about your booking and to fulfill obligations under applicable laws, regulations and legislation. You may access at any time to their personal data as provided by art. 10 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196. In particular:
– Cancellation policy:

The personal data provided can be deleted at any time. This type of request involves the definitive removal from the system (database) of personal data, with the relative suspension of all activities related to it.

– Changing your personal data:

The personal data provided and / or the services you activated can be changed at any time. This type of request involves the total or partial modification of your personal information (eg. Correcting your mailing address, adding a telephone number, replacing the e-mail) and / or the services requested (eg. The newsletter subscription) all ‘inside the system (database). During the collection of data provides instructions for deleting and / or changing it on the website or by mail.

References to delete your data from the system (database of restaurant Fuoro) are as follows: – by sending a request by e-mail at the following address:;

Responsible for the processing of personal data:

Restaurant Fuoro – Via Fuoro, 23-80067 – Sorrento (NA) – Italy